About the Comic

When Rei wakes up on a foreign planet with a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed little green alien boy, at first she believes she's only dreaming. But then again, when have dreams ever been this weird? Things certainly become a lot less normal when galactic bounty hunters start showing up, intent on claiming the price she apparently now has on her head. With the whole situation getting more complicated every minute, it's going to be hard for Rei to even get her bearings straight, let alone find a way back to Earth!


These are the questions I get the most. If you have an individual question, please see my contact information below.
Will Joyride ever end?
Joyride does have a predetermined conclusion, and when I reach that point in the story, it will be finished. However, I'm years away from reaching that point.
Are you going to hiatus Joyride?
No. If needed, I will reduce the number of update days. But I will never hiatus Joyride.
Do you accept donations?
No. Please continue reading; that is reward enough for me. :D
Can I use some of your artwork to make a layout for my site/blog, or to create other kinds of graphics?
Yes, I welcome this. Feel free. However, it would be nice if you gave me credit for the art (by linking to Joyride,) and it would be cool if you showed me what you made... I'd love to see it :D
I have a question about how you create the comic....
I was getting a lot of those, so I made some tutorials showing my whole process. Please view the links in the sidebars.

About the Creator


17 years old
Color - Blue
Food - Chocolate
Hobby - Drawing
Job - Building and testing aeronautics computers
My cat is named Needles. :3

Contacting Me

Questions, comments, complaints?
Depending on what you want to ask, the Forum may be the best way to get ahold of me. Otherwise, here's my email: kaourika{*AT*}flop{*DOT*}nu .
It may take a while for me to respond, but I can usually offer assistance.