Book One

Act 0 - Prolouge: "Kansas"
Rei wakes up in a strange place with a cloudy memory. She'd like to know where she is and how she got there, but there are more pressing issues for the moment, such as how she's going to get out of her jail cell.
Act 1: "Unwanted Attention"
Everyone wants Rei, but no one wants to tell her why. Rafeal makes her promise to help him with something, but refuses to tell her just what that 'something' is. As she's brooding over what terrible fate he might have in store for her, some bounty hunters show up, threatening Micheal's life unless Rei goes with them!
Act 2: "A Promise"
As soon one question is answered, another two rush in to take its place. Although Rei was never expecting the task that Rafeal had in mind for her to be easy, she still finds his proposition and the information that comes along with it to be a bit shocking! With growing opposition, danger, and a looming sense of homesickness, will she be able to keep her promise?
Act 3: "Machinations"
Rafeal's grand scheme seems to be falling into place. It's been a tough ride, but the crew thinks things are going surprisingly well, despite everything. Knock on wood: just when it looks like they're going to get out free, something happens that will make them think that their own eyes are lying to them.


Book Two

Act 4: "All the Pieces"
Currently underway!


Schedule Info

Joyride almost always updates on Monday and Friday, and is reliable in its schedule. However, I do take some pre-specified breaks:

• A short break around Christmas.
• A break after the completion of each Book (that's every three Acts).
• A one-page break if the update ever falls too close to an important holiday.
• Of course, there will be no updates if somehow I manage to get myself so sick or injured that it's physically impossible for me to draw. Like the time my wrist exploded. D:

Remember people, webcomic artists are (sort of) people too! We (probably) don't just sit around on our computers all day making comics for you... we (might) have lives! So give us a break sometimes, eh? ;D